Customer Portal


The main concern of Cepack Group for packaging is as follows:

  • Always work in order to create integrated solutions (continuing development until reaching the perfect product).

  • Constant concern to support our clients in all stages of production, and provide good service that meets the complete satisfaction of our customers after production.

  • High service in the field of print carton based on the use of the 4 colors Printing System.

  • Rapid and immediate response to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Maintain the delivery of our product on time agreed in advance with the client.

  • The allocation of three factories to offer the services of printing and packaging to achieve and ensure flexibility at work, along with fulfilling the needs of our customers.

  • Provide a distinguished team for the technical design operations of the product; to meet the requirements of the client, and to strive to fulfill his suggestions to achieve his complete satisfaction. 

This is the principle of "Cepack Group" as it rests on two pillars: the achievement of full satisfaction to its customers, and at the same time to meet their needs, with a rapid response to the appeal of the client whenever it is needed.