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Our Technology

Through continuous investments in people and technology, ALL PACKAGING COMPANY is able to help you meet the ever-growing demands of today's marketplace. This means that information and product must flow quickly and effectively. This also means that costs must be minimized, ensuring a budget-friendly process for you.

Here is just some of what enables us to provide you with the best possible carton packaging for your product:

  • Using the most advanced system for Packaging material CPMS.

  • Portal Online system for Key customers in order to track your order in all manufacturing processes.

  • We also a SAP system Company

  • Advanced CAD systems - for rapid design of unique structures

  • State-of-the-art plotting equipment - for physical production of designed structures and custom die creation

  • Computer-to-plate printing equipment

  • Sheeting equipment - for conversion of paperboard rolls to most efficient sheet sizes for your specific folding carton layout

  • Ultra-fast die-cutting, embossing, and windowing machines - to quickly convert your vivid printed packaging into cut and ready-to-fold cartons

  • High-speed gluing, folding, and label application equipment, with electronic quality inspection technologies